The Top 3 Businesses That Get the Most from Local SEO

Chris Sams, April 5, 2017

Does your business serve a local market? If so, then you can benefit from local search engine optimization or SEO.

SEO is one of the best ways to increase visibility on the internet. The problem is that standard SEO can be expensive for small business that has a limited budget. And with so much competition it can take months of SEO for a small business to rank with the larger brands who have big budgets. But there is a solution, local SEO allows small businesses to reap the benefits of SEO without the competition of nationwide brands.  Local search engine optimization can help you increase your visibility to potential customers online—and do so at a cost-effective price.

Not sure if your business would benefit from local SEO?  Below we have identified a few industries that benefit the most from local SEO.

#1 Contractors

When a homeowner wants to know how to tell if they need a new roof, they look for the internet for answers. This is why local SEO is perfect for contractors. If you are a contractor, providing helpful content to local customers who need answers to home repair questions is a great local SEO strategy. Providing educational content will help your local customers solve everyday problems and can help you boost rankings in search engines, as well.

#2 Veterinarians

Most people search for local veterinarians when they need one. Using local SEO can help ensure that your business turns up in local area searches. The key is to use the right keywords to attract local customers. Also, many pet owners look to the internet for reviews on local veterinarians. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get customers to leave reviews. Using local SEO can help you obtain valuable customer reviews.

#3 Lawyers

Lawyers definitely have a need for local SEO. Most people are looking for an expert in their area when they want lawyers. Using the right keywords will help ensure that you show up in local area searches. Also, optimizing your website with the right keywords can help you improve local visibility.  Providing relevant content is another way to gain local visibility.


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