The Rise Of Video Marketing

Chris Sams, May 19, 2015

Video-Marketing-NOW-2The time for video marketing is now. According in Cisco, by next year video traffic online will make up 55 percent of all internet traffic by consumers. There are several reasons why this is occurring, but the biggest is simple; video content is much more effective. We live in a society where the average attention span lasts about as long as the average tweet. Video allows users, in a very short amount of time, to grasp the audiences attention and keep them entertained for just long enough to get there message across. Because video has a much higher rate of engagement then text ads, customers are 64-85 percent more likely to buy a product that they have watched a product video for.

Video doesn’t just produce better results then text ads, it also produces much more in depth consumption statistics. If a customer sees your text ad, you have no idea if they actually read the ad or if they ever go back and reread the parts that are the most compelling to them. With video, having access to this information allows you to go back and make revisions to your content based on what viewers are engaging with the most. This allows you to maximize the effectiveness of your ads and increase your conversions.

One common misconception about video marketing is that it is a “bank buster.” Gone are the days, however, where high quality video means high cost video. With affordable video alternatives, like graphic video, and a steady decline in cost of production and editing, video has become a marketing tool that can be used by small companies as well. As competition continues to grows in the video production industry, the cost to produce high quality video will likely decrease as well. This will continue to make video more accessible to producers and consumers.

The growth of video online and the use of video marketing does not seem to be showing any signs of slowing down. As a business owner, it is time to bring your company into 2015, or prepare to be out shined by competitors who are already fully embracing the future of video marketing.

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