In today’s business world, the Internet, specifically search engines, have taken a major role in the success or failure of a company. If your business owns a website and you depend on sales or views from Internet exposure, you need Search Engine Optimization. There are businesses that have a client base already built up and having a strong online presence, is not really a priority or worry for them. But there are many, who are solely based on Internet marketing or many that count on their site to bring them viewers and potential clients. If you are the type that needs that internet exposure in order to keep your business running, chances are, your competition is already doing it and if you are trying to keep up with them, having a great website is a very good initial step, but it will not be enough. Search engine optimization will allow you to have a weapon in order to fight for those desired spots. Now, the million-dollar question: How much does this cost? Unfortunately, there is no straight answer, because it really depends on several factors like, industry, competition, the area you would like to cover and much more. These are factors that any Denver SEO company should take into consideration, when determining the cost for your campaign.