The Power of Good UI

Julian Pawley, June 12, 2018

What does your UI say about your brand? UI is one of the essential components of your website design. Without effective UI design, you may have the best content on earth, but your message may be lost in the “clutter” on your site. In some cases, the problem may be the style of your design or the way in which you deliver the content to your end user. Either way, anything that detracts your customers from your content affects your bounce rate, resulting in fewer conversions.

What Makes Good UI?

What makes good UI? What components are needed to create a pleasant user interface for your readers and visitors? Remember also that you need to fit your UI into your overall UX, as well. noted that the use of infinite scrolling (often seen in minimalist design) can lower your bounce rate by 15%. Creatively Squared posted an updated list of ideas you can use to boost your social proof in April 2018. While there are varying opinions on what good UI is composed of, below is a partial list of the critical components.

  1. Use one-column layouts. When people read your content, do they feel like they are reading a newspaper? If you have several different columns, they probably do. Try reducing the number of columns to one to create the best look and user-friendliness, while keeping the user experience simple and streamlined. Newspapers are a dying breed. Don’t make your website look like a newspaper.
  2. Use social proof rather than self-bragging. Using social proof works for website owners much better than bragging about yourself or your brand. For example, the Zappos Shoe Company doesn’t even talk about the brand when they roll out new commercials. Instead, they feature interviews with their customer or staff that portray their ethics when dealing with others. This is an example of social proof that indirectly promotes the brand. Optinmonster has some great ideas on how to use social proof rather than self-appreciation to reel in customers. Don’t toot your own horn. Get others to do it for you. It’s much louder that way!
  3. Limit choices to the most important things. People like choice. But giving them too much choice or too many options can confuse and frustrate them. So choose your options carefully and decide what you want to include when giving customers a choice. In some cases, you may want to be more direct by saying, “Click here to buy.” How simple is that?
  4. Use contrast and compelling colors. When building your website, remember that the most important thing is to create beauty and user-friendliness. Using contrast and colors that draw the eye may help to improve this process. For example, using black and white side-by-side rather than black or white in isolation may help create a more attractive UI and may appeal to visitors on a higher level.

There are other ways you can create definite UI as well as UX for your customers. Having a strong logo and overall design is one aspect of achieving this. Remember that the goal of good UI is to create good UX, as well ultimately. You can’t have one without the other.

If all of this seems confusing, never fear. At JEMSU, we fully understand the components of good UI and UX, and we know how to incorporate it into your design. If you have more questions than answers, see us first. We can help you create your perfect “true north” when it comes to great UI.


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