I have been thinking of starting a travel blog for a long time now. Over the past 2 and a half years, I’ve been to some amazing places, met some awesome people, and tried some extraordinary things! I have thousands of pictures, and really nowhere to put them all. I have thought about the use of them in a blog, and wondering if with the knowledge of the Denver Marketing, and blog writing, wordpress, and the internet in general would be enough to make it a blog people ACTUALLY would read. Then my friend Lauren approached me. She is a great friend from college, and a fellow vagabond like myself. She recently returned from a year in Australia (we lived there together in college, and she never lost the bug), and was planning on coming back to the states for a few months to “re-up on money”, and head back… Only this time to New Zealand! She asked if I would help her build a blog that was easy to manage, update and load with tons of new pictures with minimal blog writing experience. Yes Lauren, yes I will. We set up a wordpress blog with only a few pages, and kept everything extremely simple. We researched some key words that would help the SEO and the google placement. Within 1 month, Lauren is a blog writing, photo uploading, information changing pro. We have used some of the things I have learned through my research of Denver SEO, and some of the tips, and tricks I have picked up over the years.  Lauren’s blog is very successful now. She has over 5,000 readers hanging on her every whim, just waiting to hear what this crazy vagabond of a girl is doing.

So it got me to thinking, why I don’t I start my own? I’ve traveled to so many amazing countries, had some amazing experiences that it SHOULD be documented. For instance, I was going through my photos the other day, and saw some from this amazing party in Copenhagen, Denmark that my friends and I went to in November of 2010, and Moscow from November of 2010 also. Living in London for the past year has been  amazing, and the people and experiences I have had. Wow. So my thoughts writing this, is create another facebook album, or just suck it up, and start an amazing blog? Maybe when I start traveling like a vagabond again will I do this, for now maybe I will just get a flixter account!