The Many Faces of Display Advertising

Chris Sams, July 28, 2015

Here at JEMSU, we are always working hard to keep up with the trends and new offerings from Google and beyond. And boy, there are a ton of different choices, especially when it comes to advertising on the Google display network.

The display network is massive – reaching over 90% of internet users worldwide [1] and within the display network, you can target your ads to specific sites, interests, demographics, and more!

Display ads can look however you want them to look, but some notable advances have been seen in the past few years.

  1. Traditional Display BannersImage 1

When people think of display ads, they think of banners. You can show up to 14 different sizes of banner ads on the Google display network. Best practices are:


  • Banners must match the look and feel of your website, to ensure a smooth transition for the user between the ad and your site.
  • In the same way, messaging on the ad should match messaging on site. Don’t highlight an offer if you are not going to show it on your site.
  • If you are using banners for remarketing (showing the ads to those who have been on your site before), make sure your brand is identifiable and perhaps intrigue your audience with a special offer.
    • You can even personalize your offers. For example, “20% Off” to users who are within 30 days of viewing your site, “30% Off” within 60 days and so on.
    • With the power of code and analytics, we can exclude those who have purchased, or upsell those who have purchased with remarketing ads as well!

2. Product Listing Ads – New to YouTube (TrueView)

Image 2It is now possible to put up product listing ads not just in search results, but within YouTube ads (TrueView) that cover similar topics. This is a great opportunity to reach those who are interested in your products directly within YouTube Videos.

Of course, you can still use traditional text and Video ads on TrueView as well, and those ads can be used on mobile devices like the ad below!Image 3

  1.  Display Text Ads
    Display text ads allow you to create an ad similar to a successful search ad, and run it on the display network. The beauty of these types of ads is that their text matches the text a user is reading on the display network, which can sometimes be quite large. Google does its best to make sure the ad flows very well with the content of the site that the user is reviewing.Image 4

    1. Mobile Banner & Text ad Options

    Google has been making great strides to keep all display ads mobile friendly. Including 2 new exciting developments:

    1. Mobile clicks on the edge of Google display ads will no longer be official “clicks” to reduce click waste from those on mobile devices.
    2. Mobile ad viewers will have to see ads for a certain length of time in order to click on an ad, thus reducing wasted clicks on unseen ads. [2]

    Image 5

    There are a lot of great, brand new options out there on the Google Display network. To find the type of advertising right for you and your product or service, contact JEMSU today!



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