The Future of Websites: We're Going Mobile

Chris Sams, May 18, 2012

We are going mobile!


More and more people now have become mobile. A survey last year shows that vendors ship more smartphones than PCs or notebooks. According to a report from PewInternet, almost half (46%) of American adults have a smartphone.  In addition, with the 3G/4G technology, smartphones are projected to replace PCs and laptops altogether.

What does this mean for your business’s website?

Most websites that exist today were built without the phone functionality in mind. Thus a lot of websites do not function on the phone the way it does on a desktop. If your website is not mobile friendly, people will just go somewhere else. It is very important to keep up with the tech trend if you want your business to, well, stay in business.

Mobile sites are usually the mobile, compact version of the original website you normally view on your desktop browser. It is built in such a way that it loads much faster on a phone, (where connection may not always be as strong as wi-fi), navigation, buttons and links are easy to find and access in a small screen, with a fat finger.

Sale from mobile traffic is showing marked increase and still continues to go up exponentially. Almost 50% of smartphone users are now making transactions through their phones. Soon, everyone will do everything on their phone.

Getting a mobile version of your site is especially important if your website is the online presence for your business, or it is your source of business. Ignoring this could potentially hurt your business.

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