The 6 Best Tools To Get The Maximum Out of Your SEO Campaign

TeamJEMSU, January 20, 2015

Getting ranked in the top positions across the major search engines is no easy task.  Google is constantly changing the rules and in order to stay ahead of the curve SEO experts must learn to keep evolving with the times.  Below we will identify the top 6 tools our SEO experts recommend to get the most our of your SEO campaign.

Cost: Starts at $79.00/mo
Link Research Tool


This is one of the best tools when it comes to analysing the links on any site. Ahrefs has become even more important with recent algorithm updates. Many SEO’s depend on this tool to analyse a website’s backlink portfolio. Ahrefs allows you to dig deep into incoming links, letting you check anchor tag concentrations, evaluating linking domains, as well as giving you detailed metrics and reporting on each. Ahrefs can also be used to identify where the links are coming from in the world. Link data and metrics aside, Ahrefs is a powerful competitive link building tool, allowing you to view your competitors backlinks. This ultimately allows you to build a better picture of the SERPs and see where your portfolio stands in comparison to your competitors.

Cost:Free Closed Beta / Will be $29.00/mo for an organization
User Behavior and CRO

Heat map

While Hotjar is a relatively nascent service, it shows promising signs of utility. Hotjar is a “heatmap” type code that allows webmasters to view the frequency and concentrations of users clicks and interactions with their website. Hotjar then displays this information in an easy to understand color spectrum style layout. The interface makes understanding the results easy, providing you with a clear image of user behavior.

However, unlike most heatmap services, Hotjar allows you to record the mouse movements and view of the user as well as track the percentage of users that venture below the fold. Other forms of behavior tracking such as conversion funnels and form abandonment are present and easy to use as well. The sort of data Hotjar can yield is absolutely invaluable in creating a better user experience and thus increasing conversions and other desirable user behavior outcomes. While it may sound complicated, the Hotjar interface is intuitive and installing the script up is a breeze. Although Hotjar is still in closed beta, you can still request an invite until January 30th, 2015.

WordPress SEO by Yoast
Cost: Free
WordPress Plugin

Yoast plugin

WordPress SEO by Yoast is one of the most used SEO Plugins for the WordPress Platform. The plugin provides a host of useful tools out of the box for any SEO Beginner or Advanced. Some of the benefits of using this plugin are automatically generated Canonical URL tags, Social Markup Generators, and a Sitemap generator in addition to Template Based & Bulk Title and Meta Description editors. A visual representation of how the search engine result might look is also provided as a  Snippet Preview.

Google Webmaster Tools
Cost: Free
 Website Analysis

webmaster tools


Google Webmaster Tools provides SEOs with a multitude of insights into a website. The most useful include a Structured Data Tool. Search Queries analysis showing you what keywords your site is ranking well for and the Click through ratio. Links to your site Tool shows you who is linking to you and allows you to disavow bad links. Manual Actions allows users to see if Google has flagged the website for any spam issues. Fetch as Google shows users how Googlebot is seeing the website and allows users to ask Google to Crawl the site. Robots.txt Tester allows users to check and be sure that Google is allowed to crawl a site. Sitemaps is the place to submit your sitemaps to Google for processing. Most of these tools will alert the user to any issues on your site and give you some insight on how you can fix them making Google Webmaster Tools one of the most valuable tools in an SEO’s toolbelt.

Structured Data Markup(Schema)
Cost: Free
HTML Markup

HTML Markup

Schema is a structured HTML markup that enables search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo to read and know in absolute all you business information. This enables search engines to show additional details business details in your search results. We also believe it help search engines identify business details and this can be very helpful for SEO.Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper Tool enable you to easily add HTML structured data based on your own website.


  1. Select a data type, then paste the URL.
  2. Click on your contact details, images and any other items and select the markup relating to that item
  3. Click Create HTML
  4. You will now have all the code needed to log into your site and add your markup

Keyword Planner
Cost: Free
Keyword Search Volumes

Keyword Planner


Google’s Keyword Planner is perhaps the most quintessential keyword tool available for free. The KWP gives estimated search volumes and CPC for keywords and provides helpful suggestions to expand upon existing keyword lists. While Google’s own figures aren’t as in depth as one would hope, they do provide a very helpful background during the planning and implementation phases of SEO work. Despite its modest limitations, Google Keyword Planner is an essential tool in every SEO’s toolbelt.


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