The 5 Best Ads of 2013

Chris Sams, January 23, 2014

A large majority of the population claims to hate advertisements. I call shenanigans — people love good ads! Let me show you. Sit down, relax, and enjoy the next ~10-15 minutes of your life watching the 5 best ads of 2013.

The Scarecrow – Chipotle

Complete with a matching video game app, this ad from Chipotle is haunting and inspiring. Follow the scarecrow as he lives a day in the life at Crow Foods, a company that injects chickens with instant growth hormones and produces meat they call “beef-ish”. I have to wonder, though… does this ad leave you wanting to eat meat at all?


Volvo Trucks – Epic Split

Currently sitting at 68 million views, Volvo Trucks and Jean-Claude Van Damme really hit a home run with this ad. Sure, Volvo Trucks could have told us the steering of their trucks is stable and precise, but they decided to show us in a ridiculous (yet not over-the-top) way instead — and people loved it.


Geico – Hump Day

You know the kind of reaction this ad inspired. We all have that coworker now. You know the one. The one who, every Wednesday, asks you, “Guess what day it is!?” This was Geico’s most viral ad ever, and for good reason.


Evian – Baby & Me

Does this ad have anything to do with Evian water? No, not really. But that didn’t stop people from loving it (who wouldn’t love babies dancing?). Evian garnered a lot of attention and brand recognition with this ad, currently at 70 million views.


Dove – Real Beauty Sketches

In this ad, a forensic sketch artist draws women based on how they describe themselves, and how a stranger describes them. The results are quite striking. Dove has a history of making inspiring ads, and this is no exception. To me, the mark of a good ad is one that moves you emotionally, which Dove certainly accomplished here.

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