Over the past few years there has been a massive amount of information on Search Engine Optimization and how to Optimize your website to best reach any viewers.  There are always new ideas on optimization, so here are some more to help your company to understand what is the best and newest way to optimize.  A Denver SEO company could also help you to understand the best options for optimization.

First, it is a great idea to start by understanding your customers.  Talking to them in order to find out where they struggled navigating your site, can be helpful to better understand what your need to improve on.  This can be done in other ways as well.  If you have sales representatives, you might want to find out what the most common question they are asked is.

Second, something that might be interesting to try, especially if you are in charge of a large company is disguising yourself and testing out your services.  This can be ordering something from your website under another name, or even calling and testing the service skills of one of your representative. This can give you a personal and very real experience on how your company is working.  This way you know exactly what to change yourself.

Third, have a testing process.  This means that from the minute a product or service is started, have methods in place that will test at assigned periods of time.  This way there will be a schedule of testing and more chances to discover problems before a customer does.

Finally, make sure you understand your competition.  The world of Denver marketing can be very competitive, so testing your products against your competitors with real customers could show you what they are doing better that you therefore need to improve on.