Our site www.centennialdecks.com was built by Sean Hakes Inc. The really good thing is the fact that it was geared for SEO right from the beginning. I also have the ability to go in and add images and text as I see fit, after I screw that up they are right there to fix it for me! We get compliments on our website all the time and many customers say they like our site and then decided to give us a call.

As for the marketing of the site, that rates a 10 also. The team at Sean Hakes Inc. is very easy to work with regarding how and where I would like to market our business. We have made a few adjustments along the way and now we are really zeroed in on our targeted customer. The other nice part is being offered different SEO packages for different businesses. A one man show who paints houses has different needs and budget  than someone like Carpet Mill for example and Sean Hakes Inc. can custom tailor a package to fit any sized business.

From one business owner to another, we know return on investment is very important.
I do not have any exact figures for the past year yet, but our ROI for our site and ongoing SEO is exponentially  worth it. We definitely will continue with our relationship and evolve our site and SEO as our business continues to grow.

If I can personally answer any questions before you decide to go with Sean Hakes Inc., please feel free to call or email anytime.

Greg Elson
Centennial Custom Decks, Inc.
Office 303 400 1433
Mobile 720 273 2527