Performing marketing audits, delivering motivating speeches, fearlessly leading, and keeping us grounded.

Too much experience to write about here. Believe it or not, despite Chris’ youthful glow, he’s actually been in and around the industry for decades. Before that, I am pretty sure he worked as Don Johnson’s stunt double for a number of years, but this has yet to be confirmed.

When Chris isn’t at the office, he either likes to relax in his tastefully worn leather chair with a good book (perhaps Moby Dick, or The Count of Monté Cristo) and sip on a single malt scotch while his golden retriever, Duke, lay at his feet….or…he likes to holler ’til his voice gives out at his favorite monster truck down at the local demolition derby, in between gulps of his favorite malt beverage…PBR. Either scenario is possible, he’ll let you be the judge.