One of the keys to a successful Search Engine Optimization campaign in knowing and being realistic about your budget and the area you are trying to target. Many companies make the same mistake over and over, of going after high competition keywords or national keywords or phrases with a budget that would barely be enough to support a local campaign. When you are working with a vey low budget the best approach is always to start locally, which means to target keywords with a location in front or behind them. These types of searches, in most cases trigger Google places listings, which has become an enormous part of Search Engine Optimization. Google Places is a program design to bring the most relevant results based on location. So when you search for something without adding a city or state, Google will pick up your location and deliver search results displaying the related businesses closest to you. If you have realized that you can only afford a local campaign, make sure you start off with keywords that would trigger local results. You Denver SEO campaign does not have to cost you a fortune, as long as your target has been determined and the correct strategy is in place.