Denver SEO Rewards!


Friends and clients of Denver SEO are awesome! Besides being the leading Denver SEO Company, we've got a lot of support from businesses around Colorado as well as friends and family of Denver SEO which is why we've decided it was time to put towards a rewards program for all of those who support our business through referrals and word-of-mouth marketing! Call us today at

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Government Control over Social Media?


You may have already witnessed and read plenty of online coverage regarding the speculations that the U.S. government may begin monitoring and regulating the activity on social media. Many country officials around the world have imposed laws on the activities that their citizens take part in online.Venezuela, Iran and Cuba are a few of the countries that have enforced limits on the interaction that is

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Google+ Can Boost Rankings


Search Engine Land's Editor-in-Chief published an article earlier this week discussing how Google+ is using its networking ability to help the rankings of a users "friends." For example, if you are friends with a particular brand or company on Google+ and you perform a search, the brand or company will rank high within your results. Google refers to this as Social Search. Currently, Google+ does

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ACSI 2011 Scores: Search Engines Reign


The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) scores for this year have revealed that search engines continue their supremacy. Unfortunately for Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's customer satisfaction score does not allow much reason for celebration.  In fact, YouTube's score surpassed Facebook by 8%. With Twitter's huge popularity in today's pop culture, it is a shock that the site was not measured. Could Facebook's diminishing satisfaction scores be

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Mobile Phone Searching


Out of all of those in the United States using a cell phone, 35% of the mobile devices are smartphones. Smartphones have changed the way people gain information. Instead of being able to access information while remaining stationary at your home or work computer, consumers are now searching for information with the help of their cell phones at any given time.  Over the past two

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The title of this posting could have immediately caused confusion for many of you readers. What is this "pound-sign" that shows up everywhere: Facebook, on TV, Twitter, at the movie theater following a new film trailer, on posters and signs, and much more? Welcome to the world of hashtags!! Often referred to as the world's chat room, hashtags offer online tracking and trend monitoring for

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