Synergy Between SEO and Social Media

Chris Sams, October 30, 2013

More than 90% of people, worldwide, use Google and other search engines to look for certain products or services with easy. It is because of this business are aware of how important it is for them to rank well on these search engines to gain traffic.  This desire leads business of all types to seek assistance from SEO firms.  The industry of SEO is constantly changing and in order for these firms to maximize your SEO returns they must adapt.  Thanks in part to sites like Facebook, Twitter,and Pinterest , social media has become a vital part of your SEO strategy. It is no longer possible to use social media and SEO teams to work apart from one another. The reason is that social media opportunities are having an increasingly large effect on SEO outcomes, and it can radically alter results for your website.
In the past, the focus of SEO has been on links, web page structure and content. These are still vital areas, but as the social media grows in significance, it is also important to focus on relationships and identity. Signals that are based on identity have the potential to include relevancy, agent rank and overall engagement. This means that your pages must be relevant and optimized, and your content still has to be top-notch. However, relationships are crucial in producing and capitalizing on personalized result.
If you are skeptical, you can analyze the impact between SEO and social media for your own organization. If you want to do this, you have to make sure that your performance indicators are aligned, so that both SEO and social media groups can share the right dashboards. Coming up with ways to verify conversion and sales goals within social media, inform social media marketing with SEO keyword feedback and use social sentiment information to build SEO strategy are all requirements for this to succeed.
One benefit of social media is that it helps to strengthen your content marketing. However, social media is not just a venue for promoting that content. This leads to sending out that message inside an echo chamber. You can get just as much value from social media by listening to it rather than just sending out message after message. Your social media data tells you where your niche is going online when they are not on your page. This tells you the sort of content they are listening to, which tells you what you need in order to get more of their attention. The potential is endless!

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