What can I do to support my SEO team's effort

Chris Sams, August 4, 2015

There are many businesses out there that have hired good SEO companies to help build their online business presence. Many of our client would like to know what they can do to speed up the process without spending more money. I have created a list of 5 SEO tips that can get you ranked faster.

Website Content
Search engines love fresh content. Adding new content to your site frequently will allow you to fare better in the search engines. You can add to pages we’ve modified add new pages or sections we just ask that you do not remove any content that we have added.

  • Blogging
  • New original content
  • Rewrite any new standard factory description for new product and services

content is key

Link Building
To help increase your rankings you should consider acquiring quality links for your website. You should always be looking to help increase your own back links to your website wherever possible. Any articles written about your company or sponsored events should be followed up with a request for a link back to the website. If you are part of any trade organizations or Chambers of Commerce it is vital that you get a link wherever possible.

  • Keyword Hyperlinks
  • Branded Terms


Google Map listings are very important search metrics that shows above all website results. These results are more prevalent when a search is completed on a mobile device. When someone is shopping for the right business to get their product or service from the 5 star reviews showing beside your business can increase your conversion dramatically and Google+ rankings. It is nearly unavoidable that eventually someone may give you a bad review. Thats one of the reasons you should always be encouraging your satisfied customers to leave you positive reviews.

  • Google+
  • Yelp
  • ect.

Yelp review

Social Media
Social Media provides many helpful social signals to your website along with creating a strong brand.

  • Post all blogs to social media
  • Link back to your website when possible


General Marketing
Your offline/semi online marketing efforts can actually yield SEO value. However, we need to be aware of your past, present and future efforts. For example, if you plan to take out a PR campaign we can help make sure you include relevant keywords or even help you time your campaigns to maximize potential links they will generate. If you are engaged in event marketing, we may be able to find unique linking opportunities for your events that can boost SEO and even generate referral traffic.

  • PR Campaigns
  • Event Marketing
  • Marketing Materials such as E-Books, PDF files, Infographics, and/or dynamic media (video, podcast etc)
  • Sponsorships or Charity work.

doctor evil marketing

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