It seems like wherever you are on the Internet there are ads for pretty much anything and everything.  Google is encouraging people to click on more social ads then regular non-social ads, therefore more and more businesses with the guidance of Denver SEO companies are purchasing more social media ads than any other.

Amazingly, Google+ is reporting that despite its negative reviews, they are actually seeing an increase in click through rates rise from 5% to 10%.

Social ads placed by Google are becoming more successful as well due to the fact that they can be placed strategically to target a specific audience as opposed to non-social ads that are being placed at random.  The problem with this is that when ads are placed randomly people who are interested may not see them; where as when they are placed strategically they will bring in more customers for that business.

A recent study called the Nielsen study, explains that social ads work because of the way they are recommended.  These ads will appear and tell you that your friend or family member who is on Facebook or Google+ looked at this ad or liked this particular website.  The study revealed that more people trust friends and family reviews rather than those of consumers they don’t know.

The power of the network is very important in the Denver marketing field.  People now communicate with each other through social networks.  They sell items, buy items, and promote items all on their social profiles, from Facebook to Pintrest if a consumer sees something that their friend has already recommended there is much more of a chance that, that consumer will want to purchase or learn about the product and company.  More companies are seeing the importance in social advertising in fact the study says that 27% of a company’s budget this year will go towards social media advertising.