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Chris Sams, March 28, 2012

First place on Google guaranteed! If you are a business owner or a company looking for Search Engine Optimization services, you probably heard this statement once or twice. You have probably heard different companies offering you rankings within days or weeks, for a very high price. And the sad reality is, most people do not understand how search engine optimization works, so they buy into this lies, quickly wasting tons of money and effort. So the million-dollar question is: whom do you trust? The truth is, there are plenty of honest, hard working companies out there, who know what they are doing and they prove it over and over by giving their clients results. The way you find these companies is by doing the research. I sat down with a potential client the other day, and I soon as I sat down, he pulled out a list of questions. A lot of it was terms and strategies that he found by researching search engine optimization, but wanted my explanation on how they worked and how I implement them. That is exactly what I wish every single business owner would do, before they sign a contract. You should always ask questions, find explanations and processes. Most Search Engine Optimization companies, will not share with you a detailed, step by step, explanation of what they do, but most honest companies should be able to give you, at least, a broad explanation of their strategies, techniques and plan of action. This type of skill sometimes can be portrayed as more secretive than it actually is and the fact that no one will share their “secret sauce” turns off many people. No one can guarantee you rankings or a certain search engine and if that is what they are offering you for local SEO, run away!

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