Should You Use The Keyword "Gun Control" In Your Next Ads Campaign

Chris Sams, January 25, 2013


It’s been a crazy few months lately in the news with all these shootings. In December we had the  massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut and a couple of months before that  a movie theater in Colorado. The government is nervous is now looking at some radical ideas to try and control this pandemic. President Obama is even considering a “universal background check” for anyone wanting to own a gun privately.

People have really changed their search queries these days more and more. Gun phrases changing more and more for the negative.

These searches have become quite intriguing. Keywords related to gun control have been things such as “Hitler gun control” and other relative keywords such as “Stalin” and “Guns”. Most of these increases in searches have spiked as the government started talking about gun control and the changes we need to do to our society.

“Obama gun control” has been searched about 2,900 times per month and has about 279 million results just this last month.  These results are very much likely to increase as the debate continues in the capital and throughout each state.

If we search a keyword that is more general but very similar “gun control”, we will see some similarities as well as some significant differences:

The keyword “gun control” gets searched hundreds of millions of times every year, just about 33,000 this last month. But taking in everything that is going on and all the press, there will be a massive jump this year. To accurately find out the differences, we need to take a look back at records from the past years.:


Historical data unveils that between November and December 2012, the number of results jumped from 102 million to a colossal 639 million for the keyword “gun control.”

Between May and July of last year (the month when the movie theater shooting occurred), the number of inquiries have increased dramatically and still continue to increase.

In November 2012, the keyword “obama gun control” had hit almost 50 million results, and in  December 2012 it has jumped to about 279 million. That’s quite a jump, and is probably due to Obama’s announcement that he will be looking into solutions for gun control.

Cash In With Facebook Ads: Just Use Keyword Gun Control … If You Dare!

We all know that Facebook is becoming a great place to put up your Ads much like using Google’s AdWords. So what happens when you relate your Ad with keyword “gun control.” The very first Ad titled “Batman Tragedy: What Now” is getting about 19,000 hits per week and the Ad is linked to a Beta discussion Application that specifically asks the question: Will the massacre lead to more gun control?

Other examples are Ads that are mentioning the Sandy Hook School shooting but leads to a Facebook page about celebrity news and, of course,  has no immediate mention of the incident upon visiting the page but rather focuses on pointless news.

Its kinda hard knowing people are using these very scary keywords for personal gain. Most of the Ads are not even to raise awareness, but rather to promote something completely unrelated.


As you can see from just the results, search inquiries for these keywords have increased dramatically and will keep on growing. How will this turn out? What will advertisers do with this information?

Depending on how the government acts and what bills they end up passing due to this hot button issue, the public might be very interested in these keywords more and more this year.


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