Written by: Sean Hakes
EVP of Sales & Marketing

One of the biggest problems in SEO today, is the sales process, and setting realistic expectations with a prospective client.

Yesterday I was in a sales presentation with a business owner who has been through more Local SEO companies then he cared to count. He mentioned that one of his problems with the SEO industry was the lack of being realistic when it comes to results. I’ve seen it, I’ve heard it and it’s without a doubt one of the many factors that causes confusion in the world of online marketing.

The business owner went on to mention that he had heard just about every excuse in the book. In fact, he joked but with serious intentions about stores like Google changing up their algorithm at the last minute which is why a past SEO hadn’t reached their goal, another claimed that how a competitor ‘sabotaged’ their SEO campaign among many other excuses for a lack-of performance.

Though it’s not always easy, I try to push transparency with our group as well as realistic expectations and goals, yet some still don’t seem to grasp that some SEO campaigns due to their competitiveness, just take longer.

SEO is a very wise investment but in most cases, it’s not the fastest way to generate ROI, but when it does, you’re in the money.

If your small business is looking for an instant ROI then there’s a good chance that SEO might not be right for you. If you’re financially stable and are building out long-term growth, SEO will without a doubt help you reach, and exceed your goals, when done correctly.

How long does an average SEO campaign take to really kick-in’?

There are exceptions but within a competitive industry you can count on a good 6 – 12 months before seeing sizable results. With less competitive markets such as grout cleaning etc…, you can expect to see a return within 3-6 mo., and in some cases, even sooner but don’t count on it.

If you’re a bit confused or would like some friendly free advice about the facts, I invite you to give me a call at 720-545-1555. I’d love to provide you with a free SEO analysis and audit of your website.

The bottom line is this: SEO is not a secrete. In fact, most of the factors that make a difference are public information and common ‘best practices’ for a websites design as well as a quality linking strategy. A good SEO will tell you that SEO is about formulating and understanding quality factors that search engines like – and that’s what we do best.