SEO service providers and SEO Consultants are very different animals.

SEO service company:

A SEO services company is a business or individual who performs search engine optimization on your website. Typically, this includes on-site optimization (html audit, title element optimization, meta descriptions etc…) as well as an off-site strategy which can consist of blogging, guest blogging, articles, content creation, social media, competitive link building where as;

SEO Consulting — is where a ‘consultant’ serves as an adviser to a business and manages their existing or new vendors… In addition, a SEO Consultant will serve as a advocate to the business owner or manager and ensure the SEO provider is making strong, ethical efforts for the business owner/managers money.

If you’re looking for an SEO Consultant we should talk….  Because of the growing number of scams, you need the assistance of a professional SEO consultant who is here to serve you and ensure you marketing dollars are being well spent and accounted for.

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