SEO Predictions for 2018

Chris Sams, December 21, 2017

Search engine optimization is no longer about simply ranking for keywords on a search engine page. There are so many more factors to consider than word choice and keyword planning. 2018 promises to bring even more innovation. Here are three major SEO predictions for the new year.

1. Featured snippets and rich snippets will be more important than ever

Featured snippets are the little boxes that come up on the first page of Google when you search for information on a specific topic or question. They are likely to contain the direct answer to your question. It is a highly coveted spot that rewards organic content producers that truly seek to inform web users. Getting a featured snippet for your business is considered a major modern SEO success.

Rich snippets are more informational snippets that show up on search engine results pages. They may have star ratings, reviews and other numerical information such as prices or nutrition facts. No one is clear on whether or not this can affect your search engine standings, but it does indeed affect click-through rates positively.

2. Organic “thought leader” content will be king

In days past, it almost didn’t matter what was said on the page as long as you had enough of the right keywords. That was then and this is now. In 2018, it will continue to be important to establish your brand as a thought leader that can provide readers with invaluable information and opinions that align with your services. This will lower your bounce rate and raise overall time on site, two factors that many experts believe are important in search engine algorithms.

3. New keywords will be needed for voice search

According to Google, the most popular search engine in the United States, just over half of teens and just under half of adults use voice search. This means that savvy businesses must come up with new search terms, since people tend to speak differently than the way they type. They use longer sentences instead of shortened and unusual phrasing to get the answers they want. You may do yourself a favor by adding more questions to your SEO mix.

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