SEO is not dead, it is evolving!

Chris Sams, March 28, 2014

If you have ever googled the phrase “Is SEO Dead” you have most likely come across an article by the same title by Forbes Magazine contributor Jayson DeMers.  In that article DeMers shared a conversation with Sam McRoberts , CEO of VUDU marketing,  McRoberts claimed that while SEO is far from dead, it is changing.  According to McRoberts, SEO is transitioning from a marketing tactic to a branding play.  While not all SEO experts feel the same, everyone agrees that SEO is not going anywhere.

Here are 5 reasons why all businesses should invest in SEO.

Reason #1.  It works!  Regardless of all the changes search engines have made to their algorithms in the previous years, white hat SEO tactics still work.  Need proof?  There are many case studies that prove that SEO tactics are still effective even in the post Hummingbird world.

Reason #2. SEO experts know that content is king. Working with a professional SEO team will ensure you have content that is created with a strategy tailored to your individual needs. Even as content tends to turn toward video and audio, keyword searches will still continue to be the go to method of search results. So SEO practices will be vital to insure your business appears when searched.

Reason #3.  It is still one of the most cost effective marketing strategies available.  It provides a good ROI and while it may not produce an increase in revenue it will become the most important aspect of building your online presence.

Reason #4. About 90% of consumers use the internet to search, learn and make purchasing decisions.  Without SEO it can be nearly impossible for your business to show up in search results, making it unlikely that consumers will find you at all.

Reason #5.  Everyone is doing it.  It is almost a guarantee that your competitors are engaging in SEO.  If you do not you are just letting the competition get ahead in a profound way.



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