Written by: Sean Hakes

Some ask how I got into SEO nearly 10 years ago and the simple answer is; obsession. The way search engines perform and continue to enhance their algorithms is fascinating in both a technological standpoint as well as mythological.

Nearly 10 years ago I started investing a large sum of time into learning about search engine optimization and what influences help obtain better website rankings. I picked up just about every book that was published on SEO in the early 2000’s and put into play just about every tactic I could find. I quickly learned which tactics were bluff and which actually worked.

Once you get the basics down the rest comes down to innovation. Coming up with new and improved ways to make SEO more sufficient while playing by the rules.

To date I monitor hundreds of data centers daily for the simplistic of changes. I check my rankings before bed, throughout the day and the first thing when I get up. I monitor the difference of rankings across browsers, mobile platforms and proxies around the world all to understand why Google does what Google does – my wife thinks it’s a bit much and I’d like to think it’s fascinating.

The same goes with the Denver SEO, Inc team. We’re all passionate internet marketers with a strong desire for success. With over 98% of our clients maintaining top 3 rankings in Google its no wonder why we’ve grown as quickly as we have and are well on our way to becoming Denver’s premier internet marketing firm and it all can be contributed to our clients success and our passion for what we do.