SEO Fundamentals That Never Change

Chris Sams, August 8, 2017

It feels like the search engine optimization world changes every time Google makes an announcement. SEO blogs and forums fill up with people panicking about their rankings on a daily basis. That’s why, when you want to put together a long-term strategy to build up your company’s search engine position, you should pay more attention to the SEO fundamentals that never change.

Quality Content

Google and other search engines develop algorithms that surface quality content. They focus on this area to provide a good user experience through useful and relevant links.

Website Visibility

Search engines can’t index your site if they’re unable to see the pages. Make sure that your site allows bot traffic and has a structure that allows them to discover all of your content without a problem.

Meta Information

The meta information you include on each web page gives search engine bots pointers on what to include with your search engine listing. Meta titles and descriptions are the most commonly added information, but you should also include structured content like review scores or product pricing.

Avoid Blackhat Tactics

Plenty of people say that they have access to the tricks that can drive you to the top of the search engine. What they don’t bother telling you is the years that you’ll take trying to get back into Google’s good graces if you use these tactics. Stay away from anything that crosses the line from white hat to black hats, such as spamming and private blog networks.

Link Profiles

Search engines favor sites that they perceive as authorities in their niches. The quality of internal and external links on your website determines your relative authority compared to other sites in your market.

Your SEO strategy may need to adapt to the latest algorithm changes, but these five fundamentals always need to be on the list. When you have these sufficiently covered, you have a strong chance at getting the rankings that you’re striving for.

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