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Chris Sams, March 27, 2012

When we think of Search Engine Optimization, it is very easy to get caught up in the thought that all it is good for is pushing up rankings. We think of keywords, links and as usual, all that is wrong or unethical in this business. The part that normally gets left out is the part that says Search Engine Optimization could also be informative and educational. Search Engine Optimization can be so much more than a monthly service fee in exchange for some good rankings; it can also provide solutions to clients depending on their needs and situations.  All of this can be accomplish by constantly researching and educating clients on basic topics like content, what the search engines are looking for and what they do not want to see. Also, some companies may need help in different areas, like keywords and landing pages, because if something is not performing as well as it should, that is when the expert advise is needed to make the necessary changes. Sometimes companies need help with their places or map listings, or optimization of shopping feeds, video and image optimizations are also becoming more and more important. Sometimes they need help with content and finding that balance that will not only make it easy for search engines to find and index, but that it would also convert visitors into clients. Search engine Optimization is much more that just keywords and “secret” practices that leave you wondering about what you are paying for every month. It is a skill that takes time and plenty of research to develop in order to be performed well. Make your business’ internet marketing campaign profitable, by finding a local SEO company that not only push up rankings for you, but that will also research and educate you on what it is best for you.

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