SEO Credit Links - Unethical.

Chris Sams, October 30, 2012

SEO Ethics is a controversial subject that varies from on SEO specialist to another. Typically, SEOs who are participating in unethical SEO will reject what they are doing is unethical and come up with elaborate rebuttals to why they are doing what they do.

Here’s a list of a few unethical SEO practices.

  1. SEO Credit Links
    You’ve most likely seen this… SEO Credit Links are links back to the SEO provider from the clients website. An example of a SEO Credit link would be something like “Powered by: Denver SEO, or Powered by Denver Web Design.”

    The reason for these links are a way from the SEO provider to take advantage of the clients PageRank and overall site value.

    This tactic is unethical because first, the clients website is not an advertising portal for the SEO company. Second, it takes away from the value of the clients website and pushes through link credit to the SEOs website.

    Of course, there may be a few exceptions… Let’s say you’ve proposed services to a client and you’ve offered to give an added discount to the client should they allow you to credit back to their site — this is fine.

The next time your SEO provider links back to their website from yours, think about asking for a discount or politely ask the SEO to remove the link.

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