In this new era, where we rely completely on technology, it is very important to remember that potential clients are not only searching at home from their computers, but now there are plenty of methods to search for topics, on the go, like smart phones and tablets.  To have a “search engine friendly” website is the first step as your preparing or already have hired a Denver marketing company to do Search Engine Optimization for you, but very soon it is going to be just as important to have a mobile device friendly website as well. In December of 2010, Google added smart phone volume to the AdWords keyword tool. So for a year now, marketers have had the ability to do keyword research and write content specifically for mobile or smart phone users.  This allows companies not only to have traffic re directed to their websites from home searchers but also from potential clients on the go. So what does this mean for Search Engine Optimization companies? It means that, just as technology advances and we keep moving forward into a world where answers are needed fats and accurately, we need to keep up and adapt to this changes to be successful.  Of course there is the ongoing battle between Mobile Web and Mobile Apps and the fact remains marketers who only optimize for one platform miss out on the other. And since we’re talking about mobile search, the primary way to reach mobile searchers who aren’t putting in app queries is still by optimizing mobile sites. The bottom line is, regardless of what market you are working with Mobile optimization is going to be as important as any other tool. Markets like Denver and Phoenix have already adapted these strategies and that is a great place to start if you are looking for SEO. Try the Denver SEO market, I can assure you will not be disappointed.