Self Driving Cars? When Can I Buy One Google?

, January 20, 2013




If you have heard about or having heard about it yet, self driving car’s are here.  Google is the first company to really make a noticeable impact on the self driving car market, or non-market. This is a huge step in technology to really put a system in place that will reduce accidents by a large number. Knowing that these self driving vehicles can talk to each other and see everything in its surroundings in a 360 degree view, this might be the answer we have all been waiting for. Imagine, having the chance to relax while your vehicle takes you home. Or, be able to socialize with all your friends and multi-task without having to worry about how fast your going, or getting pulled over by the police for talking on your cell phone. Only scene in the movies, this will revolutionize how we travel large distances safely, and securely.

In 2010, Google vice president Sebastian Thrun announced that if has successfully drove 140,000 miles on its self driving vehicles. In 2010, the idea was still fresh and not really talked about outside the Google facilities.

Now, we have heard the announcement that at the end of 2012 the vehicle has driven over 300,000 miles safely. The only accident was a small one caused by human error, we could all be so lucky to have one accident in 300,000 miles.

Even with all these breakthroughs in the research, there is still a lot of work to do before we ever see this type of vehicle out on the roads, but believe or not, its coming.

Executives at Google said that there is still a lot of testing to do. Snow, rough terrain and even driving the vehicles by yourself. Currently the teams are split up in pairs for safety.

Google is definitely not the first to research this technology, nor will it be the last. Ford is working on there model and some European car companies are already undergo with theirs.

We shall see what the future holds very soon!

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