Say Goodbye To The Old Ways Of SEO For 2014

TeamJEMSU, January 6, 2014

Over the past 15 years since Google rose to the forefront of the search industry, digital marketers have had to adapt and strategize new ways to stay ahead of the SEO game.   The only thing that has stayed the same is the basic mantra, create good content and obtain quality links.    However, all digital marketers know that SEO is an ever evolving industry and requires a certain  think-on-you feet mentality.    Since  the beginging  taming the SEO beast has required a certain level of adaptability and 2014  shows no signs of slowing down.  However, there are certain SEO tactics that have been thrown to the way side in recent years.

In the past, many SEO specialists believed that  keywords were the key to search results.  In fact, recent events have proven that this is simply no longer the case.   After all search is not about keywords it is about intention.  Yes, keywords have been used as a sort of proxy to those intentions, but it was the intention that really mattered.  For example, if a person is using the keyword “buy” , it is clear their intention is to “buy” a product or service.    Sounds simple right?  Well ,as search engine algorithims  have become more efficient in predicting what people are searching for, people no longer have to type in their intention.  In the case of a person looking to “buy” a service or product, they no longer have to review a list of search results. Now they can simply go directly to the conveniently placed shopping results or to a vertical search engine site.

While exact keyword match is no longer required, SEO experts are finding the geo-location keywords are vital if you want to show up in search results. Back in the day all you had to do if you wanted your site to appear on search engines for a specific city, all that was required was to create a city or state specific page.  Thanks to the Panda algorithm, which was created to crush this practice, this is no longer a recommended tactic.  Instead, it is recommended business register with Google places in order to have verified address to rank locally.

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