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Our Services

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, helps your business become more visible online. JEMSU’s SEO program employs some of the most talented and passionate specialists in the nation.

We strategically analyze and optimize dozens of SEO factors including content, coding, links, and citations. Not only do we get results, we communicate those results to our clients in a clear, informative manner, always looking to the next step.


SEO is the most valuable of all the marketing channels. Why? It gets your business found online for no cost. SEO also ensures long-term business success. We can even optimize from a local perspective to appeal to the map listings. With a million and one different strategies, SEO can be tailored to fit your individual business’ needs.


JEMSU’s SEO program follows a strict process that allows room for customization and personalized attention.

We start by analyzing your current site’s web presence and discovering what your business’ online presence needs the most. Once analyzed, the team of specialists and strategists dig into your website, optimizing every last detail to signal to Google what we intend to rank for. After site optimization, we start our citation and directory building and optimization. These citations are used to tell Google exactly where you are located and what it is you do. Finally, JEMSU’s SEO strategists create keyword-rich content on private, authoritative blogs to link right to your website.

Combining all of these steps and maintaining consistent SEO efforts, you’ll see your rankings rise and the traffic pour in!


Digital paid advertising is the quickest and most scalable way to increase your business’ digital leads.

JEMSU offers a variety of channels and paid advertising services to fit your particular business’ needs. Our experts have managed tens of millions of dollars in advertising spend and have reduced the average cost-per-acquisition for hundreds of clients. We have more than a dozen employees who are Google AdWords Certified, and we’re an official Premier Google Partner, meaning we have inside access to all of Google’s tools and training.

Digital Advertising Channels

Managing a digital paid advertising campaign can be a daunting and meticulous role to fulfill. Let our experts do it for you and do it correctly.

JEMSU can manage multiple paid channels at one time:

  • Pay-per-click
  • Remarketing
  • Display
  • Video
  • Programmatic
  • Ecommerce
  • Social Media

Factors of Success

Managing a paid advertising campaign isn’t as simple as flipping a switch. Many factors go into operating a well-oiled machine:

  • Account structure
  • Identification of unqualified clicks
  • Ad-text analysis
  • Conversion and analytics analysis
  • Landing page analysis

Let JEMSU audit your current paid platforms and help you increase your leads!

JEMSU’s design team takes a custom approach to all our design services. Whether it’s websites & mobile apps, logos & brand strategies, print materials, or creative content like photography and video, they work within your means to deliver smart custom work to achieve your brand goals.

Setup for success

Our design team laces in members of each JEMSU department to ensure SEO-friendly website ranking factors, conversion-based design, cross-channel compatibility and effective, credible content.


Custom content and product photography are just two of the many things our specialized team can bring to the table to start your new project!

Increase your brand awareness and differentiate yourself with JEMSU’s social media program!

Social media is a must for a business’ credibility but requires ample time and optimization to appeal to the correct audiences. Let JEMSU help you tackle this large order!

With our integrated and holistic approach to digital marketing, we’ll give you a complete analysis of where you stand now and what role social can play in maximizing your ROI.

Each business and industry will be consumed differently on different social media platforms, we know the secrets to posting what and when.

Social Media Elements

Site traffic, credibility, target audience size, conversion opportunities, and even rankings can be grown through proper social media technique performed by JEMSU.

Social Media Process

JEMSU’s process is thorough and customized for your individual business.

We start by identifying consumer personas and growth goals. We then strategize to develop a plan of action and particular content to be posted. A content calendar is created to establish expectations and landmarks in months to come.

Once content becomes posted, we can manage engagement, work to increase ‘likes,’ and then report and pivot based on our findings.

It’s not what you post, it’s how you post it, leave it to us to do it correctly!

Potential clients’ email addresses aren’t very valuable to your business unless of course you’re nurturing them properly. Email marketing is the perfect way to keep your business top-of-mind and consumers one step closer to actually consuming.

Types of emails

Through email marketing, you can populate the inbox of someone who abandoned their cart or reached out months ago with questions.

This type of automation allows you to efficiently keep in contact with leads and nurture them into converting.


With JEMSU’s email marketing program, we can A/B test specific landing pages, change copy through dynamic email templates, and offer coupons and sales to drive conversions.

We can even implement lead capture on your site to capture the emails of those visiting to build your list, nurture, and convert!

Let JEMSU audit your current email marketing strategy and help you optimize to perfection!

JEMSU can help your business stand up and out with strategic content. Crafting a personalized content strategy is the best way to create authority for any business.

JEMSU specializes in three types of content: fresh (blogging), evergreen or static content, and video.

Fresh Content

Fresh content, or blogging, is essential to your brand’s digital presence. Our fresh content not only gives you a chance to have your brand’s voice heard, but it also helps your SEO and inbound marketing efforts.

Evergreen Content

Evergreen content plays a long-term role in creating brand voice, authority, and relevance. Timeless content is important for any site to produce and display proudly.


Take your content to the next level. Let JEMSU create an easily digestible video for your potential consumers. Nearly half of the online population consumes video on a daily business, don’t get left out!

JEMSU’s video team brings your message to life through motion graphics or live action to be shared on your site, on social media platforms, or through shared content.

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