Reviews Help Google Places Rankings

TeamJEMSU, September 5, 2012

We all have our favorite restaurant, bar, hair dresser, heck, we even have a favorite gas station or oil change shop. So why not give a little support to our favorite places by leaving them a review on their Google Places listing? This would help their business on the local listings rankings.

It’s easy.

  1. Find the Google Places page of the business you want to review. There are two ways to do this, you can search for the business via:

    a. Google Maps:

    b. Google Local: (easier)


  2. When you find the business name, click on the name and this should take you to their Google Places page (this requires more steps when doing this from Google Maps. You have to click ‘more info’ in the balloon that pops-up on the maps window to go the business’s Google Places page.
  3. To leave a review, click one of the two ‘Write a Review’ buttons as shown in the image below.
  1. If you are not yet logged in to your Google account, the next page will ask you to sign in. If you don’t have a Google Plus profile yet, Google will ask you to update your account to Google Plus before you can leave reviews.

    If you do not have a Google Account, yet, (seriously, who doesn’t have a Google Account these days?) you can create one by clicking the ‘Sign Up’ button on the top right corner. After you have created an account, you will be asked to create a Google Plus Profile.


  2. Once you are logged in your Google Plus Profile, Google will take you to the business’s Google Places page, or the review box.
  3. The review box may appear differently for different businesses. Restaurant will have additional areas to rate such as Food, Services etc.

    And there you go. Now you can leave reviews for your favorite places, even those you don’t like that much. Remember, you may impact the decisions of the people reading your review, so be honest.

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