Reverse Reputation Management

Chris Sams, November 12, 2010

What exactly is RRM (Reverse Reputation Management) and is it ethical?

Reputation Management is the act of repairing a particular persons or businesses reputation online. This can be done by promoting positive feedback and/or using Search Engine Optimization to promote additional content that is designed to bury or remove negative content on the internet about the particular business or person.

While Reputation Management is designed to hide negative feedback about a particular person or business, Reverse Reputation Management is designed to promote and expose negative feedback regarding a particular person or business.

Reverse Reputation Management brings a lot of mixed controversies. I am a firm believer that if someone knowingly performs unethical services or perhaps performs unethical acts, it’s important to expose these acts and performing a public service to inform other consumers and/or businesses about these practices.

This is where Reverse Reputation Management gets sticky. Many people who post information on the web are basis their slanderous opinions on emotions, this can be very dangerous and in most cases is unacceptable.

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