Reputation Management

Chris Sams, February 15, 2012

When a business gets a bad review from a client either for a service or product they have provided, it could a punch to the gut to that business’ profits. Although, not all bad reviews are real and sometimes this is used as a dirty strategy by the competitions, they could really affect the over all online presence of that business and most important of all their reputation. Even video marketing can be a negative form of reviews. One of my clients recently encountered this problem when a bad review for his company showed up on his Google places accounts. To protect their privacy and for obvious reasons, I cannot disclose the name of the business and what was said about them, but we will just say that this particular review did not speak well at all about his company and the over all experience with. Our client did not know if the review was real or not, but regardless, it was affecting exposure, phone calls and even the amount of traffic on the website. So what do you do on a situation like this, where you cannot control bad reviews (real or not) and they affect your over all Internet presence? Many clients have found an answer to this question by reaching out to a reputation management company.  This type of tool will not get rid of bad reviews for you, so do not look at it as a “get out of jail free card” But it will manage they way these reviews affect your rankings and presence. It is understandable that most companies make honest mistakes and sometimes stuff happens. But the truth is that anybody can write a review about your business, at anytime and post it anywhere. How prepared your are to reply to these reviews it is what is going to make a difference and you would be surprised how much a local SEO company could help you with this.

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