Recent Study, Bing Favors Wikipedia

Chris Sams, March 20, 2012

So we all know that Google is the largest search engine in the world right now.  They are continuing to innovate and develop the Internet in new ways that most people can’t even comprehend.  But many believed that Google was consistently providing Wikipedia as a result in organic search more often than Bing, recently this has been proved to be untrue.

Wikipedia it seems is always at the top of Google’s search lists.   Many local SEO experts and international SEO experts questioned if this was actually an earned ranking or if this was simply because of an unforeseen bond between Google and Wikipedia.  Recently though, there have been studies proving Wikipedia’s legitimate standing in Google searches.  This is due to the fact that their site provides quality content.  They are also providing unique content that has several references to whatever the selected search term is.  A few other things on the inside that Wikipedia has to boost their place, is they have a well-constructed link structure and they also have a very respectable page authority.  This means that their pages are considered to be the most relevant above several others when a search is conducted.

This recent study has confirmed though, that Wikipedia actually consistently ranks more in the top three positions on Bing than on Google.  They tested the fact that people tend to search several different length phrases.  They began testing one work and moved all the way up to seven words.  All in all, the website is so well constructed that is ranks very well on both search engines, but it tends to consistently rank higher on Bing.  It is important to notice that the study took no consideration for personalization.  This means looking for a specific business in a certain place by diminish the place that Wikipedia results.

Remember ranking are contributed by several different aspects, including PPC, on and off page SEO, Video marketing, and even social media.

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