By now we all understand that every Search Optimization Company is different, everyone has their own methods, their own tactics, and their own “special sauce.” As previously discussed there are also right ways to do search engine optimization and wrong ways to do it too. But the one tool that every Denver marketing company uses is link building.  But what marks the difference between one company to another is the type of link building strategy and how effective it is. The most important aspect to take into consideration is the quality of those links. This is the type of situation where that old saying “the more the merrier” does not apply. Anybody can post a thousand links out there, but if they are not quality links, it will not benefit at all.  The search engine robots are constantly scanning for new information and whatever they do not find reliable or relevant they will dismiss. That is why is very important that links are built on respectable and trusted sites so the robots will trust them. Think of it as a situation where you are sick and need a diagnosis, would you trust the word of two or three different doctors or would you trust the word of a stranger on the street? Search Engine Optimizations company too often make the mistake of building these links as the only way to obtain the desired rankings and by doing so, they over exploit this useful tool creating link text and anchor text that in most cases cause more damage than they do good.  Just like many other aspects of Internet marketing quality is always better than quantity. But when it comes to link building it does not hurt to have many links as long as they are quality links. There are many Denver SEO companies that could help with this process.