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Chris Sams, March 14, 2012

Time and time again, I am asked the same question. A question to which most of the time, there is no straight answer to. The question is: How much does Search Engine Optimization cost. The reason why there is no straight answer to this question, it is because it depends. It depends on your industry, you goals, your audience, and the competition, among many other factors. To put it into simpler terms, buying Search Engine Optimization is like buying a pair of glasses. I personally wear them, and every year I go in for an eye exam. After examining my eyes, the doctor will write a prescription, but the process does not end there. Once I have the prescription in my hands, than I get to pick the frame, lenses, even type of coating.

Buying Search Engine Optimization Services is very much like that. Your SEO consultant has to take the time to examine your business, your goals and your market, but it should not end there, once the “prescription” is in your hands they have to help you figure keywords, competition and finally budget. I would be really scared if I walked into an optical store for the first time and as soon as they greet me, they say, “Here are your glasses” and they do not even know my name! There are plenty of Search Engine Optimization companies who do exactly that. They have packages already set up and charge companies for their services without even knowing who they are or what they do. This should be a very throughout process, because if it is not correctly, a lot of money can be wasted. If they do not make my glasses right, chances are, I could run into a wall. If your local SEO Company does not do this right, you could too.

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