Protecting your Businesses Passwords

Chris Sams, February 21, 2012

Running a business today involves passwords that could take up pages and pages of spreadsheets.  With each new password your business could become more vulnerable to a hacker.  Developing passwords and keeping them private within your company is extremely important for the security of your local SEO marketing campaign.

There are so many cyber criminals in the growing Internet world so it is important to keep this in mind when you are deciding on how you will tackle your businesses marketing strategy.  Here are a few hints to keep your passwords and business protected from these cyber criminals.  First and most basic, use an individual password.  Also, make sure this password is strong.  It probably is not wise for your password to be a highly publicized catch phrase or the birth date of the face of the company.  Instead think of a password that in unique and yet important so that you can recall it, but someone on the outside of your company would have an extremely hard time determining what it might be.  Memorizing your passwords is also important although very hard.  There are usually a ton of passwords for different sites and often they can get confused rather easily.  It is also important to use different passwords, this is essential for especially important sites.  You in no way want a criminal to gain access to your secret video marketing campaign or employee tax files.  There are programs where if something is extremely important you can add extra security.  This could be anything from a phone number or a pin code in addition to the usual user name and password.  Lastly, make sure your computers have up to date anti-virus programs and are scanned frequently.  That way if a criminal tries to break into your computer you can quickly block them from your files.

We can’t get around using passwords or saving them in spreadsheets, but being smart about the ones we choose and trying to keep them as secret as possible can greatly help your business to avoid problems and having ideas stolen.

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