Profitable Keywords

Chris Sams, March 30, 2012

Selecting the most profitable and useful keywords is definitely the most important step for a Search Engine Optimization. Performing the research and finding the words or phrases that will success to a campaign, is crucial if you would like to see a good return on investment. During the initial research process, it is very important that when using Google’s AdWords Tool, for example, you always check the exact match option. This will provide specific results and not a broad list of keywords that will not necessarily help you find the words that have the highest search traffic. Second, you have to know the terminology for the business you are working with, in order to find out exactly what terms are being searched for by their potential clients. For example, if you are working with a roofer, do they offer a specific type of shingle? If so, are people searching for that specific brand or type. After with have several possibilities at hand and that is when the weeding process begins. The main part of this process is to find out which keywords or key phrases will bring your client the most return on investment. Going back to our roofer’s example, it is very important to find out, what type of services or products bring them the most, so we can possibly find a balance between the highest searched keywords and the most profitable ones, which are not always the same. This is also important because there are plenty of companies who sell several different products and it would be very difficult and expensive to pursue keywords for every single one of them. Local SEO starts with keyword and research and the ability to find out what would bring your business the best results for your money, in the form of new clients.

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