Preparing for your 2018 Marketing Efforts

Chris Sams, December 29, 2017

The new year is right around the corner, making it time to develop your 2018 marketing strategy. Review what went right and wrong during this period, as well as new trends.

Start With a 2017 Marketing Audit

You can’t improve until you know exactly where you stand with your marketing strategy. Ideally, you’re using solutions that include analytics and data collection. Review this information and start going over the tactics and campaigns that make the greatest impact. Calculate the ROI and discover whether you’re spending effectively.

Put together a conversion rate optimization strategy to ensure that you’re acting on the insights that the data gives you. For example, you can tweak your PPC campaigns to focus on the most responsive audiences or create more content for your social media page.

Expand Your Top Performing Tactics

Once you identify the marketing tactics that work best for your company and audience, you can start expanding these areas. Look for ways to improve productivity, such as marketing automation that streamline many business processes related to these efforts.

As you scale up your successful campaigns, make sure to keep a close eye on the numbers. Some things that work for a limited audience may not translate properly as you grow larger.

Double-check the Basics

Are you covering all of the marketing basics correctly? One area that some companies overlook is search engine optimization. You need to do more than put a few keywords on your website. You also need to think about your website’s usability, compatibility with voice search and inbound links when you work on your SEO.

Grow With New Marketing Techniques

While it’s important to scale the marketing strategies that work best for your company, you also need to look at new areas, so you keep up with the latest trends. Are you leveraging email marketing as well as you should be? Many people check their inboxes on their phones, which makes this channel a prime opportunity for reaching mobile users. Video marketing is another area that’s worth investing in if you haven’t experimented with it previously.

Are you ready to sustain your company’s growth throughout 2018? Take the time to plan everything out  with JEMSU before you start diving in on new campaigns.


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