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Chris Sams, September 24, 2013

Marketingland.com has done it again. In a informative and insightful articls entitled  Are Your Local PPC Ads Really “Local”  Carrie Hill discusses the ever changing platform that PPC has become.  Hill  takes a brief walk down memory lane citing the simplicity of the keywords+ ad+ bid= Money  equation that was the very begining of Paid Adevertising Platforms. She goes on to say how the PPC platform has evolved into a much more complicated and strategic equations.  From Bid Adjustments to remarketing to geographical tracking, Hill states that the basic vocabulary of PPC is a struggle for small business owners to do on their own.  It is base on the misuderstanding that Hill created this article that breaksdown some handy tips that both small business owners and digital marketing firms can learn from.   For further details or to read the article in full  please visit.


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