Possible Google Algorithm Update: Google neither confirms or denies

Chris Sams, September 5, 2013

All SEO industry experts know that the market is a constantly evolving beast, as such it can be wildly unpredictable.  If you havc noticed a change or drop to your rankings recently you are not alone. The industry has been abuzz with chatter about a suspected update to Google’s algorithim on Aug. 21st and on Sept. 4th.  This update hase neither been confirmed or denied by the powers that be at Google.  They have simply said they have nothing to announce at this time, not exactly a firm answer to the questions surrounding the latest shifts in rankings across the board.

While Google does not always announce updates to their algorithim, there are many sources including  Mozcast,SERPs.comSERP Metrics and Algoroo  that report volitle changes in rankings as of Aug. 21st and show signs of repeating for Sept. 4th.   Only time will tell us for sure if these changes are the result of an update from Google or merely just a blimp in the analytics radar.

Stay tuned…….

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