Perfect SEO Solutions To Common Mistakes Found On Websites

Chris Sams, October 11, 2013

All businesses are clamouring to get ranked on the first page of search results. It is this desire that gets companies to seek the assistance of a  SEO firm.  However, sometimes even the most able SEO firm run into problems. Usually this stems from issues with the client’s website.  If the client’s website is not optimized properly for SEO  it can drastically effect the progress made from any SEO campaign.   But there are some  come problems with easy fixes to transform your site  and get noticed by Google, for the right reasons.

The Problem:   Duplicate Meta

This is in reference to Page Title and Meta Descriptions, when there is duplicated meta data this informs the search engines like Google and Bing that these pages have nothing of value to fooer, and that these pages do not need to be ranked or indexed.

The Solution:

The first line of business is to make sure that each page of the site provides a unique value, which means each page should have original content and meta.  If you find yourself with a lot of dynamic pages due to the sites needs, it is possible to notify Google and request that they ignore certain pafes or block their access using the certain parametes like Robots.txt.

The Problem : Long Page Titles

If you have long page titles this will affect the snippet visible within the search engine result by cutting off the call to action due to limitations on the amount of characters used. Which can affect your ability to rank for relevant keywords. 

The Solution:

Make sure to use no more than 70 characters to confirm maximum impact.  This will include keywords that are relevant to the particular page and adds any valuable call to actions. 

The Problem:  Too many keywords.

A few years back, Google stated that they no longer use meta keywords to influence rankings as they do not provide enough value and has been overused. Which means that Google  does not look kindly on overuse or keyword stuffing.  It can often lead to being penalized. 

The Solution:

Add a few relevant keywords that people will use the most when searching for your product or service. There is no reason to add keywords that no one will search for. 

The Problem:

Navigation issues.  If a customer is on your site, but they are having a hard time finding what they needed  then they will quickly bounce from the site, never  to return. It is vital to your site to be easy to navigate, and Google has become pretty savvy at navigating websites. If they are unable to tell what the site is, if it is relevant, and if it is easy to get around they will not rank it well.

The Solution:

In order to make your site easy to navigate there are certain steps to follow they are:

  • Ensure all the pages are accessible to all who sign on. That means making sure that the pages go no more than three pages deep.
  • Add a sitmap that makes it easy for visitors to find a particular page or section.
  • Avoid using software like Flash that will make it difficult to navigate or is distracting.
  • Content is king, so always try to use text rather than images to fill the page.

The Problem:

Not enough content.  As I said before, content is king. The more relevant content you have on your page the better. Search engines primarily use text to establish a page theme and will rank the page accordingly.

The Solution:

Always make sure each page has an appropriate level of  relevant  content.  This means that if you are selling Gluten Free products on your site, you will want to make sure there is content explaining the products, why they are good for you, etc.   It is not enough just to have a bunch of content on the site, it MUST be relevant to the topic at hand.




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