Penguin 3.0 Algorithm Update: Observations & Solutions

Chris Sams, October 28, 2014

On October 17th, Google rolled out the Penguin Refresh, their latest major algorithm update since Penguin first hit in October 2013. This latest algorithm update focuses on spammy backlinks and google violation of their guidelines. We have seen 4 scenarios from the new algorithm update.


  • Ranking Boost
  • Rankings Drop Off
  • Dip with recovery
  • No Affect



What we have we seen?

About 5% of our SEO Clients saw a drastic boost in rankings on the 17th or 18th with rankings stabilizing. This is likely due to Google having reconsidered the site’s rank and Re-Indexing them based on Disavows, New Quality Links Built and On – Page Improvements made since the last Penguin update.


About 5% of our SEO Clients saw a drastic drop off in rankings with little or very slow recovery. These clients by and large had questionable backlink portfolios or only a small amount of backlinks from weak pages.  Thankfully, most of our clients who suffered any adverse affects from the update, recovered swiftly.



Penguin 3.0 SEO Recommendations

While this algorithm update seems to allow for a quick recovery, we do have some recommendations for those having a hard time bouncing back.  The first recommendation is to clean up your site and your backlink portfolio. Take some time and give your portfolio a good review.  Once you have done so, we also recommend updating certain on page elements. In addition to that, you will need to perform disavows, and add new quality links. Many of the strategies that used to work in the SEO world prior to the update will now get your site in trouble. It is important to note that the update is still rolling out and rankings will most likely continue to fluctuate so don’t go overboard with any steps you take right now. If you don’t know what you are doing you could cause even more damage to your sites rankings.


Action Items:

  • Identify spammy links eg.(unrelated directories, foreign links, low quality wiki sites and deindexed sites)
  • Submit a disavow to Google for the spammy links you identify. (Be careful with disavows because this is an andaved tool and Google recommends that only people with a high level of experience use it.)
  • Update and improve on page elements.
  • Add new high quality and relevant backlinks to your site.

If you have reason to believe that your website rankings may have suffered due to this recent Penguin 3.0 update or just don’t know where to start with SEO, PPC Management, or Website Design give JEMSU a call at 800.763.4619 or email us at a free consultation!


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