Pay Per Click Works

Chris Sams, March 29, 2012

Pay Per click still works and it is not going anywhere anytime soon! That is how Google has made billions of dollars and they are not about to take their cash cow to the back of the shed to shoot in the head. This is a model that other search engines, like Bing and Yahoo and popular social media sites like Facebook and Tweeter, are pursuing in order to make some extra thousands. The great things is, this tool is also adapting to new types of searcher and devices; so much that a recent study showed projections that revealed that Mobile will account for twenty five percent of paid search clicks on Google. That means that out of all the money earned by Google though this year, a quarter of all earnings will come from searchers using smart phones and tablets. Now, Google and other search engines are not the only ones making money off of this great tool. It has been proven over and over that when a campaign is set up correctly, it could lead many new potential clients into a website and not only get them there, but also help convert them into actual clients. Do not get me wrong; I am not saying everybody should do Pay Per Click. That would be a false statement and something that has mislead several thousand into buying into it without knowing what they were doing, causing them to loose several thousand dollars. Pay Per Click is a tool, and just like any other Internet marketing tool, it can have its pros and cons and many reasons why you should or should not get into it. My best advice would be for you to do the research and figure out if PPC, local SEO or Social Media could be the next step of your campaign.

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