Pay Per Click Campaigns Should Target People Not Robots

Chris Sams, March 6, 2012

By now, whether you have a Google account or you just use Google as a search engine, you have probably heard and seen the new privacy policy they have recently put into effect.  Although many are upset about the changes to Google, they are promised by the company to be provided with a more personalized search result.  This means that is you frequently use Google+, YouTube, Google Search or Gmail, Google will be able to understand your preferences and return search results that are based on them.

So why does personalizing your PPC campaign to target people so important with these new developments? There are a few things you might want to discuss with your local SEO company in order to ensure you are making the best choice for advertising. The first part of PPC is making sure your ads are relevant and will get in front of the right consumer.  If someone does a Google search for a red t-shirt, it is important that the best and most relevant ad for the red t-shirt company is the first one to appear.  Google has never officially asked people what they are interested in or what they might enjoy, but it is gathering data from several different aspects of Google.  From what you have searched previously to the email conversations you have had, Google can assess your personality and therefore make your search more personalized.  So what does personalization get your business?  If your PPC ads can become more personalized to their searcher, then you will be targeting people who are more likely to click on your advertisement because they want to purchase it.  SEO and PPC can involve a wide range or marketing techniques, but don’t forget you can always include other techniques like video marketing or mobile optimization.

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