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To PPC, or not to PPC…Is that really a question?

Actually, YES! When you need instant results, paid advertising is often an effective solution. According to the Google Economic Impact report, 97% of Internet users search for local products and services online. The quickest way to capture this audience for your business is through paid advertising.

Paid advertising and PPC (pay-per-click) can be a powerful and cost-effective tool when used properly in a holistic online marketing approach. JEMSU offers a wide range of professional paid advertising services. Our experts have managed tens of millions of dollars in advertising spend and have reduced the average cost per client acquisition for hundreds of clients. We have more than a dozen employees who are Google AdWords Certified, and we’re an Official Premier Google Partner. This means we have inside access to all of Google’s tools and training — we even have our own Google reps who come visit us in Denver and ensure we’re the sharpest PPC masters around.

Paid advertising doesn’t stop at Google. There are plenty of platforms to get your business out there. Paid social advertising finds itself at the forefront of interest targeting and remarketing while programmatic display can be so targeted your pool of impressions is four, very qualified people.

Regardless of the options, JEMSU can identify your best channel and execute for optimal results!

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“JEMSU has worked with our team to create a successful campaign including incorporating an overall rebranding of our multiple solutions. The JEMSU team is embracing of our vision and responds timely with life of our ideas.”

– M. Darling