Twitter is a rapidly growing social media website that is continually drawing more and more people to join.  The growing amount of people deciding to join the popular social networking site is advantageous to widening the network of knowledge, but it is causing problems for people who have their business on Twitter.  Hiring a great Denver SEO company who can help you decide what will be the best way to optimize your company’s page is a helpful step in the process, but incase you want to do it yourself here are a few hints.

Twitter is all about simplicity.  It has evolved into a place where news can break instantly to millions of people in seconds.  There is little to no time lapse if something like a celerity’s pregnancy or engagement is announced.  This is why it is important to keep you page simple.  You can have a few keywords in your Twitter description that are good for SEO.  You can also place keywords occasionally in what you a posting.  Posting is also important to keep simple.  You don’t ever want to talk down to people who might be following you.  It is important to make sure your posts are very humanized as well as interesting in order to get people interested in your profile.  Another thing to remember when posting a tweet is that you properly use hashtags.  A hashtag is # symbol before a phrase or keyword.  By using hastags to emphasize something important in your post, you can connect with specific people also interested or discussing that keyword or phrase.  An example of this is the recent royal wedding.  Thousands of people tweeted about the royal wedding saying #kateandwill or #royalwedding.  These were then all placed in a group so anyone interested in this topic could see what others were saying about it as well.  It is virtually a global, 24/7, discussion with billions of people.  Optimizing your twitter account is important in the world of Denver marketing.  The competition between businesses is strong and can only get more difficult as technology improves.