Online Reputation Management: Get the Most Out of Your Reviews for Your Local Business

Julian Pawley, February 21, 2019

The Internet. An expansive digital environment where personal opinions run rampant. It seems like everyone today wants to give their two cents on everything from movies to restaurants to professional services. These reviews exist not just for the sake of sharing their thoughts with the world, but to educate consumers during the interest stage of the marketing sales funnel.

In fact, 84% of people say online reviews mean as much as a personal recommendation. If you’re not familiar with the funnel, let’s take a step back and review:

Building Awareness

Through SEO and PPC, companies can build awareness by targeting consumers who are either shown interest in or currently looking for the product or service your business provides.

Gaging Interest

Once consumers are aware of your business, it is time to pique their interest. Create amazing posts on social media that showcase your selling points, collect email addresses to send out newsletters or promotions, push out retargeting ads reminding them you’re still there. These are just a few proven strategies to engage with consumers, compelling them to move on to the next stage of the sales funnel.


Before making purchasing decision consumers will compare your business to similar competitors, this is where reviews become a crucial element in the sales funnel. In fact, before making purchasing decisions, 4 in 5 American consumers read online reviews, and when they finally make a decision, online reviews convince 94% of Americans to avoid a business.

You might be panicking right about now. How can you control what others have to say about your business? What if you have negative reviews? Does that mean no one will want your product or service? And what if no one leaves a review? Let’s stop and breathe for a second. It will all be okay because we have some tips for you.

How To Obtain Stellar Customer Reviews

Just Ask

Did you know that only 5% of consumers leave a review without prompt? It’s true! If you’re not asking, you’re most likely not going to get the reviews you need to create an impact. Make it easy for your business to get reviews. Create a transcript to use in person or write up an email template to send out to each customer after doing business with you to invite them to review your services. When asked, 70% of consumers left reviews.  If your customer had a great experience, they should have no problem writing a quick review for you.

Pro Tip: Ask them to include the name of who helped them and what service or product they purchased. This helps you not only give credit where credit is due but also, help those potential customers see other’s experience working with your company.

Up Your Customer Service

Reviews don’t just help you get more business by convincing your potential new customers, but by educating you on what your past customers see as your strengths and weaknesses.

Pro Tip: 89% of consumers read responses to reviews and a quarter of consumers expect a response.

It is vital for every business to take the time to read and respond to their reviews, both positive and negative alike. After a negative experience, consumers are 21% more likely to leave a review.  Use the reviews to identify weaknesses within your organization and customer service and adjust accordingly.

Invest in Review Management

This is the simplest (and sometimes cheapest) way to increase your reviews. If asking your customers and staying on top of what people are saying sounds great in theory but hard to practice, review management is your solution.

JEMSU partners with BirdEye to help clients improve their current rating, increase the number of reviews received, respond to reviews, and catch negative reviews in real time. It makes managing reviews easy for everyone. And with all the reviews you’re getting, you’ll likely start seeing anywhere from a 5%-9% increase in revenue.

Want to learn more about the importance of reviews? Interested in getting review management? Get in touch with an analyst today.


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