Off Line Conversions - The Challenge of our Marketing Generation

Chris Sams, July 27, 2012

Announcement: Analytics is your most powerful marketing tool.

Sure you can drive traffic, you can even target your ideal customer.  You can send emails, you can build a beautiful site.  But bottom line is, if you are not tracking what all of that does on your website, then you are missing out, BIG TIME.   But I am going to make a bold statement here.    Prepare to be rocked, analytics should not start or end on your website!

One of the biggest challenges that services companies face is the phone call.  They want a phone call more than they want a contact form submission.  Some times more than they want air to breath.  One of the best articles on this subject comes from my analytics idol, Avinash, who works at a little company called Google.  Check out his post here:

Track or die.

Ask your self these questions:

  • How many calls did I get this week?
  • Where did they come from?
  • How many of them became customers?
  • What was the revenue that was generated?

These can be extremely difficult to track, and take a lot of time, but . . . the companies that can answer these questions can make changes that will make them grow.  They can make their business fit the market.

They will do the opposite of die.

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